The digital online payment and account.

Zentoeurope is the Euro version from Zento and we deliver both private and business accounts for clients in the EEA. We offer an online web and mobile app solution for Euro accounts.

These accounts are provided via our EMI partner with a European e-money licence.

For accounts in Denmark using DKK please


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We offer a business and private account with the added benefits of a web and mobile app interface, as well as a pre-paid MasterCard for easy control of your finances.

- BusinessEurope

- PrivateEurope


Zento for Business is a perfect fit for a variety of enterprises.

Whether you're a freelance consultant, therapist, investment company owner or anything else; like a café, an e-commerce store, or a hair salon, we've got you covered.


Choose the best package for you

We offer two different euro packages to pick from.

No hidden costs - just honest and transparent pricing.


29 euros /month

A user-friendly and flexible financial management solution for small businesses, with a focus on simplicity and efficiency.

Account opening: 100 euros

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Prices for our Euro accounts

  • BusinessEurope

  • PrivateEurope


Euro 29 /pr måned

Business account in euro

Account Opening: 100 Euro

Signup today


Euro 5 /per month

The private account that is easy to use. 

Account Opening: FREE

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Internal transfer FREE FREE
SEPA Incoming Transfer  0.2 % 0.2 %
SEPA Outgoing Transfer  2 euros

2 euros

SWIFT Outgoing Transfer

0.35 %

0.35 %

SWIFT Incoming Transfer

0.35 % 0.35 %

SWIFT/SEPA confirmation

25 euros 15 euros
Payment reversal fee 

50 euros

50 euros

Account Closing
50 euros

Compliance audit

500 euros

100 euros

Official reference letter

5 euros

5 euros

Amendment request 

25 euros

15 euros

Extra account / Swift

 10 euros

5 euros

Take better control of your finances


Secure payment processing

Your transactions use through 3DS adding  another layer of security.


Same fixed rate 

Our fixed rate on all consumer cards simplifies your transactions and keeps costs low.


We're here to help 

Payments are vital to your operation, so our multi-lingual customer service team are always ready to help.

Zento kort online betaling
Online payments

E-commerce payment processing that works

Realtime transactions, low-cost, leading technology.

Restaurants and cafes

Zento ensures fast and easy payment with Apple Pay and MobilePay, so your customers can enjoy their meals without queues at the checkout.


Make shopping seamless with Zento, offering both a card terminal and the most popular online payment methods.


Zento makes online payment easy and secure, reducing payment barriers and building trust in your e-commerce.

Travel and tourism

With Zento, your customers can pay quickly and securely for their travel experiences, regardless of which payment method they prefer.

Health and beauty industry

Zento gives your customers a smooth payment experience in your clinic or salon with quick and easy payment methods like Apple Pay and MobilePay.

Taxa industry

With Zento, offer your customers a swift and secure payment experience, allowing them to pay for their rides using their preferred method like Apple Pay or MobilePay.

Educational institutions

Make payment for education easy and effortless with Zento. Our payment solution makes it easy for students and parents to pay for courses, books, and other education-related services using Apple Pay, MobilePay, and other methods.

Non-profit organizations and charities:

Boost your fundraising initiatives with Zento's payment solution. Make it easy and secure for your supporters to donate through our smart payment solution.

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